Art needs recognition and revenues.
Cread gives both.

In the era of social media, artists are ripped off their dues every day. Cread allows artists to collaborate and showcase their talent to unlock great value for themselves.
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Why Cread?


As artists, it’s not fair for us to compete for attention with cat videos, squat shots and selfies. We need an exclusive platform for artists. That’s Cread.


When literary artists (writers, poets, comedians, satirists, etc.) collaborate with graphic artists (photographers, designers, doodlers, etc.) – true magic happens! Cread makes it possible.


With so much of collaboration and refined display of talent, you can’t help but fall in love with Cread.


“Likes” and “Views” only go so far. On Cread, every work of yours is available as merchandize (read royalties). We artists always wanted to be rewarded for our hard work. Cread is finally here.

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Try us now! World is so much better with your art available to the ones who love it. Join the exclusive community of great literary and graphic artists across the globe. We’re all waiting for you.

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