FAQs for Cread Users

  • What is Cread?

    Cread is a social platform where literary artists (writers, poets, musicians and comedians) and graphic artists (photographers, graphic designers, doodlers and comic art creators) can collaborate and showcase their work to earn goodwill and royalties.

  • Uh, what?

    There are currently two kinds of artists on Cread: Writers and graphic artists. Cread is a social platform where these two folks can make stuff together which not only entertains (or inspires) people, but also sells.

  • How does that happen?

    Let’s take one example:
    A writer pens down a short poem/story/quote and a designer sees and likes it! The designer then spins the writer’s words around his artistic design, because she can (that’s collaboration!). The product of their collaboration – an image - is available for people to appreciate and also buy. It could be a T-Shirt, poster or a coffee mug, but whenever somebody buys a piece, the artist(s) of that piece earn the royalty.

  • Woah. And how much is that?

    10% of the value of that merchandize.

  • Does the artist have to print, pack and deliver the merchandize?

    Of course, not! It’s all done by us. Artist just needs to do what she does best – make great art.

  • Why “she”? Can’t “he” make art?

    Apologies, sir!

  • What if somebody steals my content?

    Model of Cread encourages collaboration instead of plagiarism so this shouldn’t happen a lot. But if it still does, you must report and we’ll put the user down.

  • “Put the user down”?!

    We mean, block his profile from using Cread. That’s all.

  • What if someone steals random content from the internet?

    In this case, you must report and we’ll surely put the user down. As artists, we deeply condemn such actions.

  • Can I return something I bought from Cread?

    No, we have a “no return” policy.

  • Is there an order cancellation facility?

    Currently, there’s no order cancellation facility. But we do intend to bring a “time based” version of the same in some time.

  • Can I pay Cash on Delivery?

    Not at the moment. We’re looking at minimizing the logistics costs and passing the benefits to the artists.

  • I can’t talk to anybody on Cread. This isn’t good!

    We know, and we’re trying to build a messaging system for you. It’ll be lovely talking to all the artists. Till then, you can risk dropping your phone numbers on each other’s art works. It’s romance.